Or so they say.
Published on July 4, 2005 By Ryan Vincent In MMORPG
Hello everybody.

Almost all of the MMORPG community could agree with me that allmost all MMORPG's dont actually have you, The player making an impact on the world/universe/whatever arround you. Sure, You can give your avatar clothes and armor, Or buy a new fancy weapon but, The players actually cant make anything totaly customised for them.

I have envisaged for a long time, An online game where traditional play and a player-shaped world can meet in a perfect, Bug free harmony, But instead of creating a Wurm Online style game, I dream of it in an infinate universe.

Face it, What keeps games from being infinate? The fact that the random generator can only stretch so far.
That problem could be solved by having great inscentives for the players to get out there and do it. Kind of like lego in a great big universe.

The problem is that allthough I can see it as perfect, It will never happen and I must content myself with shadows of what could be.

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